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Manage future load

Predicting future bottlenecks

Screen #1 – Bottleneck

Future Load graph helps to define bottlenecks beforehand and apply actions to solve such. Each resource lack and overload of such in result will lead to delays and losses on project flow.

To resolve future bottleneck you can hire more resources or adjust the timetable.

Do more with less

You can predict which group will be idle and overloaded in the future.  In case that they share similar skills, you can retrain idle group so that they be able to help overloaded group and avoid delay. You can try


What-If analysis allows you to test your ideas and discover alternative resource allocations and visualize how changes will impact your schedule.

Capacity view in Future Load Graph

It’s a part of the Future Load graph visualization mode.

With it helps you will be able to see your team’s maximum amount of output that can be produced. In the Epicflow system, it is measured in work hours per hour. It shows you the capacity for your groups or resources and designed to help project managers see what is the actual capacity of your employees in comparison to their load and output.

Additional information over this topic is available by the next link  – Capacity View for the Future Load graph.

Updated on May 16, 2022

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