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Mobile App overall overview

The Epicflow team has developed iOS and Android version to make sure that the users can access their task lists at any place from their smartphones. The mobile application will work for you providing that you’re the user of the Epicflow system. 

Mobile App Installation


In order to download the application for the device running on the Android operating system, follow this link Google Play Store . You will be redirected to the Epicflow application page in the Play Market system.

If you want to download the application yourself using the Play Market, follow the instructions below.

First open the Play Market.

Using the search engine, enter the name of the Epicflow application.


Mobile application can be downloaded via App Store

Register your Mobile

To register your mobile:
Open your user card in the web browser and click on the mobile app sign. (Screen #1)
Fill your password and then a QR core will appear. (Screen #2 and 3)
Open the Epicflow app on your mobile device and scan the QR code (Screen #4)

Screen #1– User-card 


Due to the need to prevent unauthorized connections of the mobile application to your account, an additional authorization window has been added to gain access to the QR code in your user card.


Screen #2– QR-authorization 


To login to the Epicflow mobile application, you’ll have to scan your personal QR code from your user card in the system and continue to the task list.


Screen #3– Personal QR-code


Also on the QR code page there is a record of all connected devices to the account


Screen #4– Scanning QR (mobile)


When the application considers your personal QR code, the application will begin the authorization process. In case of success, you will see the message shown below

Screen #5– Successful authorization (mobile)



After you login to the system, you’ll be able to navigate to two tabs: Task List and User Card (a simpler version than you see on web).

User сard

Screen #6– User Card (mobile)


The user card will show you the icon, your short name, email address, and the group(s) you belong to. From there, you can directly go to Settings and Terms & Conditions or log out. In the settings, it’s possible to enable passcode to ensure that no one else except you can reach your app. You can also use Touch ID to login if you enable the passcode. Apart from this, you are allowed to switch on/off “Adjust spent hours” and “Fine-tuning for minutes,” using the small slider in the settings. Find what it means later in the article.

Task list

Screen #7– Task list (mobile)


Task list is a feature of Epicflow that guides the user to work faster and smarter across multiple projects by suggesting the best possible combinations of project priorities. It brings high priority tasks to the top, indicating project delays by the amount of days.

Priority is the first column and it is visualized with the help of numbers. The value of the element starts with 0 and goes up to any positive value. Starting from 100, however, each additional point indicates days of project delay in a chain of tasks. We recommend to accomplish the task with the highest priority at the first place. If there’s an icon near the task, it means that you’re assigned to this task.

Screen #8– Task-card (mobile)


The Task List consists of three pages – Condition, Project, Assignment. They will help you to filter your tasks accordingly. You can choose what to visualize up to your convenience and preferences. In fact, you might want to sort your tasks according to the projects – and you can do it in the app, or choose a view for your Apple watch – this is also possible in the task list’s project section. To reset all the filters, just shake your smartphone or press “Reset filters.”

Trivial Usage

The user’s actions in the mobile application are reflected in the main system.The user can write off the hours from assigned tasks gradually.

Screen #9– Task-card hours write-off hours  (mobile)


Pressing this button the user will enter the menu with a time-wheel, with which user can adjust the remaining hours assigned to the task. After clicking the “Apply” button, the changes will take effect for the entire system.

Screen #10– Time-wheels (mobile)


Or use the system of quick gestures:

  • To unassign a task to the group, you can swipe the task to the right. 

If the swipe is accidental, you have three seconds to undo it.

Screen #11– Unassign task (mobile gesture)


  • To mark it done, you can swipe the task to the left.

Screen #12– Quick done  (mobile gesture)

Updated on June 9, 2023

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