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Manage Projects’ Business Values

Prioritization of the backlog from the perspective of customers needs do not always reflects commercial perspective for the company, so mechanism of relative comparison of Business Values should be used for that.

We speak about Business Value as an informal term that includes all forms of value of the net benefit that will be realized by the customer of a project and the firm in the long run. Nevertheless, discussion of its conceptual aspects are not the topic of the current article. Mainly we are going to concentrate over functionality description and its usage in prospective of Epicflow system.


There is one permission in the system which defines rights to change Business Value for Project, Summary, Task:

  • Change Business Value – User is allowed to change Business Value for project, summary, task

By default it’s not granted, so Administrator needs explicitly set that up.

Screen #1 – Business Values – Permissions granting

Show\Hide Business Value

Projects – Pipeline

To show Business Value for the Projects you should navigate to the Pipeline page and switch on toggle “Business value” in any Project menu. As result priority information for all projects will be replaced by corresponding Business Values.

Screen #2 – Business Values – Show\Hide Project’s Business Value

Task Card

If corresponded permission is granted, Business Value field will be visible in the Task Card by default. To hide it from the Task Card, go to the Columns configuration and deselect an appropriate checkbox.

Screen #3 – Business Values – Show\Hide Task Card Business Value

Update\Set Business Value

For the faster and easier adjustment of the Business Values you should go to the Task Card or Project’s Quick Edit Mode.

Please, keep in mind that you should set specific columns to be displayed in order to work with these values.

Screen #4 – Business Values – Adding columns in Quick Edit mode 


Update of the task’s Business Value can be done via direct editing of the corresponding field in Quick Edit mode.

 Screen #5 – Business Values – Updating Business Values in Quick Edit Mode

The same action can be done in Task Card

Screen #6 – Business Values – Updating Business Values in Task Card


Main difference between Summary’s Business Value update action and Task’s Business Value Update, is that such action will be also applied for all summary’s sub-items if no other value is defined for such.

Please note that items for which Business Value are inherited are colored in grey.

Screen #7 – Business Values – Updating Business Values in Quick Edit Mode for Summary

Same action can be done from the Summary Card similarly to Task Card.


Business Value of the project is a value which is set at Project level and not defined by the Business Values for its items (Tasks, Summaries).

To define Business Value for the Projects you should navigate to the Pipeline page and set new value in “Business value” cell at Project Card.

Please note that defined in such way value will be set as default one for all items of the project if opposite values are not specified.

Screen #8 – Business Values – Updating Business Values for Project

Usage and Analysis

Business Values as instrument the can be useful for analysis and further decision-making process at Projects and tasks level.

Screen #9 – Business Values – Order of Task

Updated on January 30, 2020

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