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Structure of the budgets

Hierarchical relations

The hierarchical structure is applied by default.

You can define budget task on the several different levels:

On project level: a budget task with no summary and some group assignment will be a budget for all tasks with same group assignment which don’t get budget on other levels.

On the summary level: a budget task with no group, created as the subtask of some issue, will be budget for all other subtasks of the issue

On the epic level (JIRA related): all tasks and budget task are linked by the same epiclink and shared the same assignment will be linked

Direct relations

If you want to create the connection between some task and specific budget you need to use direct relations such as:

  1. MSP – define dependency “Relates to” – add predecessor to budget task  <task number> SS
  2. Jira – define connection by “Relates to”
Updated on April 23, 2021

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