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Managing UCLT Groups

UCLT Group

UCLT stands for “Un-Compressible Lead Time” which means a special group to indicate a resource in case of ordering time.

Please note that the “UCLT” name is reserved for a UCLT group by default. It can’t be transferred back to a common group type.

Creating UCLT Group

We’ve changed the process of creating Un-Compressible Lead Time Groups to make it similar to the process of creating material groups. There’s no limit on the number of UCLT groups.

To create a UCLT group go to the Resource tab and select the “UCLT group” option from the menu of Group creation.

Screen #1 – Add a new UCLT group

Transferring Group to UCLT

Any previously created group can be switched to the UCLT type group by selecting the “UCLT” icon.

 Screen #2 – Transferring a group into the UCLT type

Deleting UCLT Group

You can delete a UCLT group in the following ways:

  • by changing a UCLT group type


  • complete group deletion

 Screen #3 – Switching the UCLT group type to initial

Screen #4 – UCLT group deletion

Updated on June 9, 2023

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