Unit Pool

The Unit Pool is a resource type that belongs to the equipment category. Unlike a common resource, it’s used to register the equipment required to accomplish a certain type of project work.

Adding Unit Pool

By Converting

You can convert an existing user to a unit pool.

Just open the resource card and select “Unit Pool” in the “Type” column.

Screen #1 – Unit Pool – Converting User

Creating a New Unit Pool

You can create a new Unit Pool by following the standard procedure of creating resources. The only difference between the processes is that you should choose “Unit Pool” in the “Type” column.

Screen #2 – Unit Pool – Creating New


Like any production unit, the Unit Pool also has its own daily availability. It should be specified when converting or creating a new unit

Assigning Unit Pool

Any Unit Pool can be assigned to tasks just like any other resource.

Screen #2 – Unit Pool – Assigning to the task

Updated on June 9, 2023

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