Managing Tasks in JIRA

One of the crucial items in JIRA is Time Tracking, which lets your team record the time they spend working on issues. It shows product managers and engineers the progress on every stage of development.


To record the time project team members spend on working use the Time Tracking element.

Configuration of Time Tracking fields is described here.

If you don’t see the time tracking field in your project and don’t have permission to configure it, contact your JIRA admin. 

Make sure that your Jira admin has enabled time tracking and that you have the Work on Issues, Delete Work Logs, and Edit Work Logs project permissions.


Before you start working on an issue, set a time estimation to indicate the amount of work you believe is required to accomplish the task.

To set an estimate for an issue,

  • Select the issue and choose the Original estimate field.
  • Enter the amount of time you believe it’ll take to complete the task.

You can enter time estimates in weeks (w), days (d), hours (h), and minutes (m). For example, 3w or 2d 4h 30m.

Screen #1 – Adding Estimation for the issue

Reporting Progress

Once you’ve started working on a specific issue, log the time to keep a record of it. That’ll let you estimate how long it actually took to resolve the issue.

To report progress for an issue,

  • Open the issue and select ••• > Log work (or click on the time tracking field),
  • Fill in the Log time fields and select Save.

Screen #2 – Reporting Progress for the issue

Please note that progress on task accomplishment is measured in decreasing of Remained hours estimation.

As a result, if the Remaining hours aren’t changed, no progress will be reported into the Epicflow system.


Once all the Remaining hours have been spent, the task will be shown as completed.

You can also switch a task to the “Done” state and Epicflow will set the Remaining hours to 0 automatically.

The mentioned mechanism for JIRA works only with the appropriate configuration at the import Wizzard page.

If you want to apply the automatic completion option to additional states (such as “Won’t Fix” or “Resolved”) similar to “Done”, please, contact the Support Department for assistance in configuration.

Updated on June 9, 2023

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